Service Limits — “We Can (All) Be Heroes”

Perhaps you are familiar with the organization U.S. Term Limits, which advocates for the replacement of professional politicians with citizen legislators at all levels of government. You may also be familiar with the limits federal law imposes on political actors who become market actors. See “Understanding the Revolving Door: How Ethics Rules Apply to YourContinue reading “Service Limits — “We Can (All) Be Heroes””

Why repeal intellectual property laws?

Intellectual property laws generate excessive, monopoly profits and “royalties” to the holders of politically-privileged patents, licenses, and copyrighted materials, to the detriment of consumers. A recent example of this phenomenon occurred when consumers experienced a shortage of N95 masks, and intellectual property laws interfered with attempts to fill the need. Two chapters of Ken Schoolland’sContinue reading “Why repeal intellectual property laws?”

Utah Cultural Alliance survey

How have the arts, culture, and/or humanities impacted your life? I love many of the ways in which various artists, cultural cantillators, and curators of the humanities have inspired, informed, amused, and challenged our society and its individual members. Unfortunately, state-sponsored initiatives undertaken in the name of the arts, culture and/or humanities are used toContinue reading “Utah Cultural Alliance survey”