PBS Utah Free Speech Message

My fellow, beloved Utahns, I’m grateful to PBS Utah for the opportunity to call upon you as friends and neighbors so that we may rise together to liberate Utah’s Second Congressional District.

In 2020, we celebrate the first Libertarian member of Congress, Representative Justin Amash of Michigan. Libertarians are also celebrating our first woman candidate for President, Dr. Joanne Jorgensen of South Carolina.

Libertarians favor voluntary exchange and free markets; and oppose both crony capitalism and crony communism.

The Libertarian Party’s platform sets a goal of a world set free in our lifetime.

If elected, I’ll introduce legislation to implement service limits on federal, state and local staffs to disrupt concentrations of political power and privilege.

I’ll co-sponsor the Fair Representation Act to bring about gerrymander-proof and spoiler-proof elections for every American. I’ll also sponsor legislation to authorize the use of democratic lotteries — that would be both election-free and voting-free —whether for state houses of representatives, county commissions, or city councils.

And because libertarians oppose monopolies, while supporting both creators and consumers, I’ll introduce legislation to abolish all forms of intellectual property law.

In his classic essay, The Road to Serfdom, F.A. Hayek warned us not just of the dangers of centralized control over our social and economic lives, but also of the authoritarian mindset that sees nothing wrong with this control.

By voting different, you deny power to those who want to make decisions for you and your loved ones.

By voting different, you withdraw your consent to have your voice co-opted by two veterans of the Deep State.

When blue lives murder Black and brown lives, that deserves our focused attention and corrective action.

One action you can take, as a juror, is to vote “not guilty” when the law is unjust or unjustly applied.

By voting Libertarian, you replace State-sponsored chaos, State-sponsored poverty, and State-sponsored wars with a mutually-regulating order, abundance, and peace.

Please, empower your voice and free agency, join me at freeutahns.com, and vote Libertarian.

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